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Zounds Ancient Briton

"Ancient Briton" b/w "Sick Of Work"
New vinyl 7” on Overground Records
OVER133 : Barcode: 689492135577
Release date: 17th June 2013
OUT NOW! You can get it here : Amazon or iTunes

"Ancient Briton"
A heavy beat and a catchy chorus are the hallmarks of this anthem to modern/ austerity/ binge-drinking/ ConDem Britain.
It starts in a pub in Bradford, takes a trip round the terraces, easy-jets it to Spain and ends up with a picture on Facebook of an obliterated geezer lying
face down on the pavement wondering what day of the week it is. It’s the reason the Romans high tailed it back to the sun.
And you thought they were just a wimpy peace and love band!

"Sick Of Work"
The B-side of this platter is also as catchy as hell (which is where this godless band are headed).
With a chord sequence that launched a thousand hits and even more misses, this feel-good waxing urges Britain’s hard working families to bunk-off, enjoy
the sunshine and throw a sickie. Still infantile after all these years.

Zounds - The Redemption of Zounds

Latest album, The Redemption of Zounds, released on Overground Records, available for download and on vinyl and CD.

Download or order it here: Amazon or iTunes

"The 10 songs he (Steve Lake) has written for the new album retain all the hall marks of the classic template; incisive lyrics, sharp guitars, satirical overtones, emotional terror and great, memorable tunes. Yet it sounds totally at home in a modern world that, Steve claims, 'is as bewildering, absurd, tragic and joyful as it ever was'.
The current line up is Steve Lake - guitar, Paul 'overdose O'Donnell - bass, Paul Gilbert - drums. All the boys sing like angels and play like demons. "
Excerpt from review on www.uberrock.co.uk 02 June 2011


subvertCan't Cheat Karma/War/Subvert (Crass Records) 7" vinyl

Crass made us use a session drummer. It made us feel like the Beatles. It also made us feel like frauds.
We didn't mind too much though because at least they were bringing out a Zounds record. I wrote Can't Cheat Karma in my head walking down the Cowley Road in Oxford. But it was Steve Burch, Zounds original guitarist and co-founder of the band, who came up with that way of playing the killer riff. No one could ever play it as well as Steve, but Lawrence gave it a go and it was a brave attempt.
I (Steve Lake) wrote War after spending a weekend in Shepherds Bush listening to Bob Marley's great song of the same name.

demyst4Demystification/Great White Hunter (Rough Trade) 7" vinyl

'From Julian Cope's Head Heritage web site.
Demystification b/w Great White Hunter
Released 1981 on Rough Trade

Reviewed by Dave Furgess, 17/03/2001ce.
'Zounds first came onto the scene with the wonderful "Can't Cheat Karma" 45 released on the Crass label in 1981. But later in the year they issued an absolute classic with the "Demystification" 45 on Rough Trade.
Zounds had a very interesting sound combining the best elements of group's like Wire, The Pop Group, The Fall and Joy Division, in fact to me they sound like Joy Division with Mark Perry of Alternative TV on vocals!
"Demystification" is a tense haunting record that could be described a modern psychedelia, it features wonderful ringing guitar ala Will Seargant, a chugging bass riff and some real strong hooks, this is the sound of 1981 in a nutshell.
The flipside "Great White Hunter" is no slouch either, this one is more uptempo and punkish with a wicked guitar riff and a crushing backbeat. Zounds are still quite obscure but you can get a superb anthology CD on the USA label Broken Rekids that features all their 45's, the entire "Curse Of The Zounds" album plus some live tracks. The time has come for Zounds to finally get the attention they deserve and this CD is as good a place as any to get to know the group. The "Demystification" 45 however was Zounds absolute pinnacle.'

coz2Curse Of Zounds (Rough Trade) LP Vinyl

'The Curse of Zounds (UK Rough Trade) 1982
Someone must have slipped one of those post-anarcho-syndicalist pamphlets in with these guys' Beano comics! This is sturdy, above-average English pop-punk with some surprisingly infectious hooks. But the foursome ain't just disaffected youngsters lookin' for a kiss (or any ol' white riot) - they're searching out the meaning of life in the post-industrial capitalist system. As long as you've got the tunes, fellas - go for it!

Zounds later issued a singles compilation on an Italian label.
[Jim Green]'

dancingDancing/True Love (Rough Trade) 7" vinyl

Joseph walked out of the studio half way through when Lawrence had the bright idea of recording all the drums on 'Dancing' one at a time. He also hated 'True Love' with a vengence. Tim Hutton ended up playing drums on the record and then joined on bass. The strain was beginning to tell and the rot was setting in. But we couldn't see it at the time.

moretroubleMore Trouble Coming Every Day/Knife (Rough Trade) 7" vinyl

I (Steve Lake) wrote 'More Trouble…' during the riots that were taking place in London and other English towns at the time. I nicked the title from Frank Zappa (who I am sure would have hated Zounds).
Knife was one of Lawrence's tunes and I wrote the slightly obscure anti-fashion lyrics.

lavacheLa Vache Qui Rit featuring "Not Me/ Biafra/Fear/Wolves" (Not So Brave) Vinyl EP for Benelux release - Fear and Wolves recorded live in Leiden, Holland.

This was a complete fuck up and should never have been released. But we did it for the wonderful 'Phil the Terrible', who we will love forever.

singlesSingles Compilation (Base Records Italy) Vinyl LP

They said they were only going to print 1500, but we know of one distributer who bought 4000.

coz2The Curse of Zounds Plus (Broken Rekids/Ruggerbugger) CD compilation of all Zounds material.

Getting hold of some of the masters for this was like getting blood out of a stone. It's remarkable how some sections of the anarcho-record-biz have an unhealthy liking for cash and a tendancy towards the petty. It's a shame.
On the other hand Geoff Travis at Rough Trade was co-operative, helpful and supportive as ever. He is a rare and lovely person in a business peopled largely by sharks, poseurs and charlatans.
The compilation was put together by the inspirational Sean Forbes.

maclibelThis Land/Alone

Single available from Active Distribution.
Recorded as a benefit for the McLibel campaign. See the Spotlight on McDonalds web site to find out what's wrong with McDonalds.

Go All The Way Go All The Way EP

A three track record salvaged from aborted sessions for the long awaited second album, an album now wilfully abandoned. These three surviving tracks were written by Steve as he watched the war in Iraq unfold on 'wide screen television'. Steve Lake and Lawrence Wood play guitars, Steve sings Protag plays bass and Stick is on the drums. Goodnight Vienna!

Zounds EP Banner
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EP recorded during the Iraqi conflict as part of the War on War