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Had a great time in Athens – check out video and photos of the gig.

Lockdown Trilogy

Dancing 2020 – This is an anti-fascist song

Video created during Covid-19 lockdown, Sept-Nov 2020

Special thanks to all who contributed!
Steve Lake – lead vocals, guitar / Paul O’Donnell – bass, backing vocals, claps / Paul Gilbert – drums, backing vocals, mixing / Dominic Perez-Silva – guitar, backing vocals / Tim Hutton – trumpet / Joe Davin – keyboards, backing vocals / Bethan Prosser – violin / Mark “Mob” Wilson – backing vocals / Mark “Astronaut” Wilkins – backing vocals / Mia “Antler Family” Dean – backing vocals / Annette Dada – backing vocals, mixing / Farivar Gorjian – claps

Ball Of Confusion – The Temptations

Video created during and after Covid-19 lockdown, 2021-2023.

Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. Additional lyrics by Steve Lake.

Performed by Zounds & friendz

Steve Lake – Lead vocals / Mia Dean – Backing vocals / Paul O’Donnell – Bass, Backing vocals / Paul Gilbert – Drums / Dominc Perez Silva – Guitar / Tim Hutton – Brass

Recorded 2021-23 in contributors’ homes, Unreal World Bath, & Avon Studios  / Engineered and produced at Avon Studios by Annette Dada & Paul Gilbert / Mastered at Avon Studios by Annette Dada & Paul Gilbert

Off The Beach

Video created during Covid-19 lockdown, May/June 2020

Special thanks to José Carabecol for instigating the production of this song for the Canarian Noise Attack compilation album – release date coming soon!

Zounds Demystified

The book about the songs, life and times of Zounds written by Steve Lake is now available!

It can be purchased by emailing the bands puppet-masters at: or from Amazon on the following link: Amazon

zounds demystified cover